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Style Guide

We know that you will be excited by the wonderful selection of beautiful curtains and blinds available to you from Aspire and will be able to find the ideal fabric to complement your home.

However, we also know that the choice can be overwhelming: curtains versus blinds; plain versus patterned; thick versus thin; traditional versus contemporary. Where do you begin? We want you to thoroughly enjoy your shopping experience with Aspire, feeling confident that you are selecting the perfect curtains and blinds for every room in your home, so we have put together this Style Guide to help you make the right decisions for your lifestyle.

Curtains or Blinds

The window dressing you choose will make a statement about your room so it is important to think about the theme of the room and whether blinds or curtains will complement this best.

Aspire Curtains are available in a great variety of fabrics, weights, colours and designs and beautifully draped curtains can be used to dress your window whilst keeping out bright sunlight, preventing carpets fading, and adding warmth on those chilly winter nights.

Medium weight fabrics with thicker linings or heavy weight curtains will block out light, stop heat leaking outside and, when closed, will give complete privacy. Combine these with sheer fabrics to give you all these benefits plus some privacy when the curtains are open.

Sheer fabrics are really purely decorative and will give little privacy but will allow light and sunshine to shine through into your room.

Curtains or blinds are an important element to the look and feel of any room in addition to keeping out bright sunlight, preventing furniture from fading and keeping us warm in winter.

Key things to consider include: • What is the use in the room? • Do I prefer curtains or blinds? • What is the theme or look I am going for? • What fabrics do I prefer?

What is the use in the room?

Bedrooms can sometimes benefit from blinds which tend to keep a room darker. However, there are blackout options on the linings for curtains which also do a great job.

Do I prefer curtains or blinds?

Some people prefer dressing a window whereas others prefer a more minimal look. For the former curtains are better options and also tend to suit larger properties with tall ceilings and big windows. Smaller properties and those seeking a more modern look can benefit from blinds. However, eyelets can give curtains a more contemporary feel also.

Also note, the two can be used in combination very effectively.

If you’ve just finished decorating your room and are now considering how to perfect it with those finishing touches, then you may find yourself faced with the common dilemma: curtains or blinds?

With huge selections of colours, fabrics and patterns available, it’s not always an easy decision to make, but it’s one you should think about wisely as it can alter the whole feel of your room, so you need to get it right.

Curtains have been around for centuries and there is no denying that a grand set of curtains draped from a rail can add a luxurious finish to any room. Their thick material is perfect for blocking any drafts from windows, keeping your room nice and cosy in the comforts of your own home. They also make a room look less bare as their lavishness can form a feature adding character to a room.

Aspire Blinds: Stylish, Practical and Timeless

Blinds on the other hand can offer a completely different array of benefits and with so many different designs available, you’ll be guaranteed to find one that suits your style and interior. Whether it is roller blinds that are great for bathrooms or vertical blinds that are ideal for conservatories and patio doors, blinds provide a number of options.

Above all, blinds are effective and function efficiently. They can offer a range of practicalities; for instance vertical and Venetian blinds can control the amount of light entering your room whilst giving you privacy at the same time. Whereas blackouts can be used to completely block any light coming through.

Yet, above all their uses, the one thing that blinds offer that curtains cannot is the fact that they can remain timeless. If you selected a plain colour, than curtains could be considered more modern than those heavily patterned, but eventually it can be said that all curtains will become dated with time. But due to the simplicity and durability of blinds, they can remain undated and endure the test of time.

If you’re still in two minds whether to go for blinds or curtains, then Roman Blinds offer a happy medium between the two. Still classed as a blind, the Roman blind is cut from fabric, which can offer the same feel as curtains – to a certain degree. It can bring warmth to a room, blocking any drafts from the window and has a fabric finish, so you don’t have to make do with a cold metallic feel of a Venetian blind or a standard, rather plain vertical blind. Yet they are a cheaper alternative to curtains as they use less fabric and materials to make so come in at a much cheaper price.

Window dressing can end up being much more complex than it may at first seem. If you know clearly in your mind the type of look you want to create and it follows a strong theme, then you will know whether the curtain is the right option for you. If you don’t have such a strong sense of direction about your interior but know you want something that’s classy and suitable for your room, then blinds can be the perfect option helping you achieve your desired look and feel.

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