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Usability and Accessability

Usability and accessibility


We have worked hard to make sure that our website is as easy to use as possible, and is as inclusive and accessible as we can make it. It doesn't matter if you are perfectly fit and healthy, or if you have a problem such as a hearing impairment, a sight problem or a motor disability – we want to make your life easy. If you have any suggestions to improve accessibility we would love to hear them – please email them to us (see the Contact Us page for our email address).


Browser Support

So, first of all, we have tried to make our website work with as many browsers as possible:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and above, Windows only)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 2 and above, for Windows and Mac)
  • Apple Safari (version 3 and above, Windows and Mac)
  • Google Chrome (version 1 and above, Windows and Mac)
  • Opera (version 9 and above, Windows, Mac and Linux)

The only thing we have decided to do is not explicitly support Internet Explorer 6, which was replaced in 2006 with Internet Explorer 7. When it was designed it was not very compatible with web standards, and so although you will still be able to use it to view our website, not all features on the website will work properly.



We want everyone to be able to access our site. We have tried to use a clear font which is naturally easy to read. Our website is compatible with most screen reader software. All images and graphics have 'alt text' which helps screen readers to interpret what is being displayed.



Things we have done to improve usability include:

  • Multiple ways to navigate round the site or find the product you want
  • A breadcrumb trail to make navigation easier
  • A great search function
  • Clear help and advice pages
  • A really simple shopping process
  • The facility to change your own details in 'My Account'


Need help? Contact Us -

0800 920 2060 or 0330 010 9922

Open Mon - Fri, 9am-5pm