Choosing Between Curtains And Blinds


Made to Measure Curtains or Roman Blinds?

Curtains and blinds are a vital addition to any room. Without them you won’t have any privacy, so neighbours and passers-by will be able to see straight in, and daylight will flood the room whatever the time of the day - even if you are trying to sleep in! Just as importantly, they are a part of the décor for the room, and help to make it more attractive.

So, what are your options?

Blinds are the modern alternative to curtains. They are stylish, and perfectly suited to a contemporary or minimalist décor. They can be fitted inside the window recess, adding to the minimalist look, or can be fitted outside the recess above/below the window and to overlap the sides. When fresh colours and designs are chosen for your blinds they evoke a Mediterranean or beach-front feel, while darker colours or ornate designs balance a more conventional décor. We see more and more customers deciding to fit blinds.

Of course, curtains are still incredibly popular, and part of that is because of their versatility. You have a choice of different curtain headings, including pencil pleat, pinch pleat and eyelet; you can fit them to curtain poles or tracks; and you can decide whether to have them hanging to the height of the window or dropping all the way to the floor. Curtains that reach to the floor are also excellent for keeping out draughts.

Whether you prefer curtains or blinds you have a choice of different linings. Unlined curtains are lightweight but sunlight can bleach them; we would always recommend using a lining. The standard curtain or blind lining is a satin or cotton twill, and lining options include blackout (for those long lie-ins in the summer) or thermal (to keep all the heat in during the winter). You can enhance your curtains with pelmets and tiebacks, and buy matching cushions to complement them.

Almost every fabric design on our website can be made into either curtains or blinds, so you have a huge choice of patterns, materials and styles.

What do you need to consider when choosing the fabric design for your curtains or blinds?

First, consider the size of the window. A strong design on a large window can be a focus for the room, while a more subtle design or a complementary colour to the rest of the décor will help to blend the curtains/blinds in with the rest of your furnishings. Neutral or pastel colours are subtle and bring the focus back into the room, while strong and bold colours make the curtains or blinds a feature. You should also think about the weight of the fabric combined with the lining - a more sheer fabric will allow more light in, which might be the effect that you are seeking, while a thicker material combined with the right lining will block more light.

Finally, you have different considerations when thinking about curtains or blinds for children’s rooms. Here you might want the colour scheme to reflect the gender, or perhaps you want to avoid that entirely! Certainly a typical design for a children’s room could include fun shapes, animals, balloons, boats or anything else that will make the room cheerful and will help to stimulate their imagination.

Just browse around and let your creativity run wild.

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